Panasonic DX900 4K LED TV

Panasonic Launching DX900 4K LED TV & UB900 UHD BD Player


At Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 5th January 2016 in Las Vegas Panasonic revealed its new generation 4K LED TV with its core companion the UB900 UHD BD Player. Both models will be Panasonic premium flagship high definition Ultra HD Premium 4K TV and Blue Ray player in year 2016. In probably February, the set will be available in either 58 inches or 65 inches being USD 2000 and above.

Panasonic states the new DX900 capability of combining extreme brightness that allows HD to be crystal clear and life like.


The slim bezel screen will showcase a VA-type LCD panel along with directly litted LED backlight boosted by new generation full-array of local dimming (FALD) technology, with the number of dimmable zones said to be more than 300.

The 4K Pro studio Master UHD that is presented in Panasonic high end 4K Pro television DX900 are designed to bring forward the precise film quality of the filmmaker’s original picture motion. They engineer the fusion of the cutting edge Studio management technology and vast colour ranges display to capture every detail of the original film