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Why should one buy a top quality  TV ?
___Today the television is one of the few places where loved ones share common entertainment experience of movies,dramas and  sporting events.LG visual stories they tell have great power to inspire us and create lasting memories and one of the things that makes today’s visual storytelling has such a great impact is the ability to influence our emotions by color the color on the screen.
What does a Oled TV does ?

___Let us discuss about color where exactly does it come from. Color creation is an incredibly detailed process based on the art of balancing the three primary light colors red green blue and by finding the perfect ratio of each primary color modern televisions can recreate more lifelike color similar to a painter’s masterpiece creation.

.What is 2017 improvement ?

___Color television manufacturers have been in a never-ending race to achieve this color purity. For a time there was LCD and quantum dot and they used to offer the initial advances and color expression but these technologies have been proven to deliver less than ideal compared today’s newest TVs. However, they have no produced the best picture accuracy because these TVs rely heavily on back lights which produce surplus on screen light.

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___But we’re proud to announce today that these limitations are a thing of the past as LG marks a new era in TV imaging technology are 2017 super UHD TVs lineup which employs the latest and imaging technique imaging rendering technology to create accurate colors and the best picture quality possible on LCD TV.
What is Nano cell display ?
___We managed to do this feat by new proprietary LG nano cell display technology that positions uniformly sized one nanometer dots on the panel. These nano cell dot technology helps absorb the surplus wavelengths of light thus delivering more accurate and intense colors additionally will deliver enhance overall luminance and deeper black
___This results the LG super UHD TVs to recreate more accurate colors rendering a billion 1,000,000,000 rich colors delivering over ninety percent of DCI coverage and reduce the screen glow. LG doesn’t think that their competitors pay enough attention tohow viewers actually watch their TVs.Research shows that only ten percent of the users sit directly in front of the TV while ninety percent are sitting at the sides. Therefore LG uses their award-winning IPS panels they have focused on a long periods on color consistency directly related to wider viewing angles via using our 2017 nano cell imagining technology.
Patented support from Technicolor
___The chief marketing officer, Sandra Carvalho at Technicolor explains that the nano cell technology will be a award-winning color expertise and the technology would make LG’s industry-leading picture quality with the objecive the to bring audiences around the world with the best content viewing experiences ever.Technicolor always been driven by the knowledge that great color helps tell great stories. After all technical put the yellow and the yellow brick road in the 1939 release of the Wizard Of Oz. This is the same year Technicolor won the Oscar for color cinematography, since then technicolor has been applying this knowledge to help the world’s best storytellers bring their visions to life over near 80 years. Today they continue to work on the majority of Hollywood’s premier content from movies to episode series created by academy award-winning directors to ensure their artistic intent is accurately delivered to audiences. Today on every screen LG shares a similar heritage and its commitment to provide the very best picture quality to consumers everywhere. Starting in 2017 Technicolor and LG will bring this shared commitment image and color accuracy to LG’s premier televisions LG super uhd and oled tvs.
LG will be the first to incorporate technicolors expert mode , this will allow for advanced calibration and highly accurate color rendering resulting in viewing experiences that accurately recreate the artistic intent of content creators.
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___For LG OLED TVs , LG were proud to be the first company to introduce oled tvs to consumers around the globe essentially establishing a new premium television category.Technicolor recognizes the superior quality of OLED technology and in fact has been using OLED displays and many other facilities. Today LG are proud to announce Technicolor has selected LG OLED TVs as their exclusive reference display for Led for their color scientists in production facilities all around the world.
 . Two New HDR formats
___Another hot topic in the television industry today HDR high dynamic range in 2017 will bring the amazing experience of HDR even closer to even more consumers. LG have been leading the way providing consumers worldwide with the best HD viewing experience with LG super UHD TVs and LG OLED TVs. In fact last year LG was the first company in 2016 to introduce premium TVs equipped not with one but 2 HDR formats HDR 10 and dolby vision. This two formats enable consumers to watch a greater selection of next-generation HDR content bringing brighter scenes deeper blacks and greater shadow details.
___In year 2017 LG will again lead the industry with two more additional HDR options hybrid log gamma known as hlg advanced HDR enigineered by Technicolor. These advanced HD our offerings will give LG consumers even greater access to the full spectrum of HDR content. LG HDR viewers will not face limitations when it comes to watching content.
___The secret behind is LG proprietary algorithm that enables the HDR TVs to process the HDR picture frame by frame and insert dynamic data depending on the content formats. This allows LG TVs to offer the best picture regardless of whether the original HDR content contains dynamic static or no metadata at all.
___LG are proud to announce a new related feature called the HDR effect, this process is standard dynamicrange images frame-by-frame to improve brightness in specific areas, enhance contrast ratios and again render moreprecise images on a wide range of content
 ___In 2017 to further enhance the LG HDR experience LG are announcing today that all  LG OLED TVs will use ultra luminance technology that’s going to provide a twenty-five percent improvement in peak brightness compared
to last year models.
Why LG uses dolby atmos sound system ?
___In terms of audio, the viewing experience on LG OLED TV is further enhanced by an immersive audio experience with a brand-new state-of-the-art dolby atmos sound system . Aolby atmos has rapidly become Hollywood’s preferred sound format today and there are now more than 2,000 theaters worldwide equipped with dolby atmos.
With most recent Hollywood blockbusters like rogue one, doctor strange and lala land all have been mixed in Dolby Atmos. LG are transforming home entertainment as well with more than a hundred and fifty dolby atmos films are already available for home viewing dolby atmos sound is available both on blu-ray and for streaming content from services like voodoo and comcast.
___The 2017 LG Signature Oled wallpaper / or LG W7 Signature which happens to be this year’s CES 2017 best innovation product winner. This beautiful product is the latest innovation from LG’s engineering that transforms LG TV LG that blends in on the wall . This new design picture on Wall oled TV a panel measuring just 2.5 millimeters or one tenth of an inch based on a 65-inch TV. The LGW7 has a sleek razor thin body that gives it a unified look with the wall. This causes it to appear as though it’s levitating and create a natural sense of immersion for the viewer . The panel itself can be attached directly on the wall with the use of magnetic brackets which eliminate any gap between the LG OLED TV and the wall itself. Surveys show that TVs hung less than four millimeters from the wall is what’s going to produce this immersive sense as if the TV is one with the wall . Even with brackets the w7 sits less than four millimeters from the wall this allows it to not cast a single shadow within your home theater and cinema space.
___This unique concept is only possible because of all its revolutionary self-lighting technology which requires no backlighting.  It’s this design concept that’s going to transform the viewing experience at home it’s going to make your consumers feel as if you’re looking through a window into another world. The w7 delivers the best that all it has to offer unrivaled ability to reproduce the most lifelike images from any television with perfect blacks infinite contrast expanded color gamut and now all in the thinnest display introduced in a word perfection.
Apart from the design and color, of course the state-of-the-art sound is enhanced by these uplifting speakers dolby atmos puts the viewer inside the action with sound that fills the room with an incredible home theater experience.
This is the comprehensive summary of the LG 2017 wall paper Oled super HDR TV.
Release Dates of the 5th series of Oled TV will be
1st week of April
W7 series ($4999) comes in 55 or 66 inches
B7 series ($1499) comes in 55 or 66 inches
C7 series ($1999)comes in 55 or 66 inches
E7 series ($2999)comes in 55 or 66 inches
G7 series ($3999)comes in 55 or 66 inches
Somewhere in August
77 inches model Signature W7 Oled wallpaper TV